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Rave Reviews for | The Joy of Geocaching Book

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Read some of the reviews that have been written about our book

Longtime tech writer Gillin and his wife,Dana,an editor,are the perfect ambassadors for geocaching. Their book imparts all the how-to that a budding enthusiast needs to get started while also including lots of funny and interesting anecdotes that will communicate to the completely unfamiliar reader just why the sport is exploding in popularity. The book is broken down neatly into chapters on all aspects of geocaching,including hiding,seeking,and the requisite technology. VERDICT This is a lively and well-written introduction to a sport that is rapidly gaining followers. It makes a fine source for instruction—its clear writing and personable tone far surpass similar instruction books—but it is also simply an interesting read for all curious about the phenomenon.

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–John Helling,Library Journal

The Joy of Geocaching is one of the best books ever written on geocaching. My wife and I teach a course for women (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) who are learning how to use a global positioning system receiver (GPSr) for outdoor and forest recreation. The sport of geocaching ties in nicely with this training. We now use The Joy of Geocaching as our preferred reference. This newly published book on “finding health,happiness and creative energy through a worldwide treasure hunt”was written by Paul and Dana Gillin begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting and truly captures the essence of the sport of Geocaching.

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–Steve Nix,About.com Forestry Guide

Their book includes a wealth of information on how to get started treasure hunting with GPS for hidden “geocaches” throughout the world. Additionally,though,it features the photos and profiles of people who’ve fallen in love with this creative sport,reconnected with nature,made friends,and transformed their lives in the process.

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I wasn’t sure what an author could bring to the subject of geocaching that would really break the mold. With this book,I was pleasantly surprised…The book is well written,and does a great job at demystifying the jargon and explaining the tools and technology that made geocaching possible…If you’re interested in getting started with geocaching,look no further than The Joy of Geocaching.

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Chuck Lawton,Geek Dad

For some reason geocaching has passed me by. Maybe it is because I just spend too much time doing geeky things already. Don’t really know,but if you are game to try it and don’t know where or how to start,then you want to read this book called The Joy of Geocahing Paul and Dana Gillin. Paul is my podcasting partner behind the MediaBlather.com series that we have done over the past several years on various social media and public relations-related topics. The couple have been caching for several years,including on their honeymoon in France. They relate some wonderful case histories of power cachers (people that try to find dozens or hundreds of caches in a given period),tools,tips,techniques and jargon to get even the greenest cacher started in this hobby.

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–David Strom,Web Informant

A fine guide to a game that has helped many people with their relationships and life,“The Joy of Geocaching”is a top pick for anyone looking for an introduction to the game.

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Midwest Book Review

Must-read…I think it is the most entertaining,educational and compelling book yet written about our marvelous obsession.

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–Ed Manley,The Online Geocacher

Paul and Dana Gillin show readers the personal side of geocaching as they share the passion and intensity that drive some of the most dedicated cachers…This book is an incredible resource to include in the geocacher’s toolkit.

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Kimberly McRae,Suite101.com

Page after page,“The Joy of Geocaching” reveals ardent enthusiasts who thrive on the quest,ingenuity and social bonding involved. One confronted an alligator in knee-deep water. Another met a bear in a mineshaft. Some have had to explain themselves to police officers who stopped them cold with “FREEZE! Put your hands in the air and step away from that box!”

Complete with photos,a resource list and an extensive glossary,“The Joy of Geocaching” should please novices and also more advanced practitioners of the art.

Muggles who read it could transform themselves into geo-Harry-Potters,mastering the wizardry and heading out for their own feats of GPS derring-do.

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Donna McCrohan Rosenthal, The News Review

The Joy of Geocaching covers all aspects of the sport,from finding your first cache,planning outings,learning the technology and tools,to the variants of caching like power &extreme caching.

Covered also is the social side of caching –events,CITOs,meet n’greets and mega events.

This is definitely a book for your geocaching bookshelf and I would highly recommend it to new and veteran geocachers.

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“Chico Valdez”

If you are new to geocaching and want to learn many of the tips,tricks and techniques from actual experienced geocachers while being regaled with geocaching recollections. The Joy of Geocaching is the book for you.

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HeadHardHat,GeoCache:I’m NOT Obsessed…Right?

…an excellent introduction to this new sport. Everything you need to know to get started,and how to play the game…filled with interesting and funny anecdotes that reveal the reason this sport is exploding in popularity.

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Marion Kusnick,Milwaukee Public Library

I really enjoyed the vicarious thrill imparted through some of these anecdotes.

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TheMom,Books! Books! Books!


Amazon reviews:

Very good information and stories about geocaching. Well written and very thorough. Every geocacher should have this book in their library.

Bert Carter (WE4NCS)

I highly suggest this book for anyone from a beginner to the seasoned veteran of geocaching.

William Bresee


Some reviews from our Facebook Fan Page:

My copy arrived in the mail yesterday from Amazon. I’m hooked–a FANTASTIC read. Congratulations!

–Ed Anderson (SoftScienceOfficer)

Paul &Dana,Geo-Congratulations on the publishing of your WONDERFUL book!!! Amazing read and really does justice to the geocaching community. Thanks for your efforts.

–Scott Veix (InfiniteMPG)

Congratulations on a REALLY FUN book,Paul and Dana! You’ve really captured the essence of what it is about this sport that changes people’s lives. I know it will be wildly successful!

–Julie Perrine (Mrs. Captain Picard)

Wow!!!! Your book about covers it all! Great to see a book like this available!

–Jim Moody (kwvers!)


Other reviews and comments:

I highly recommend the book to everyone that takes part in this crazy game. It is well written and fun!

–Ray King (peasinapod)

Captures the true spirit and “joy”of geocaching in a way that none of its predecessors were able to.  Thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of this great piece of geocaching history.

–Brad Simmons (Monkeybrad)

22 comments to Reviews

  • Duane Gorenflo (Nolefan9399)

    I just finished reading the book and I found it an awesome read. I learned a lot about other cachers I have heard of before and I enjoyed seeing my wife and I’s story in there. This was a book I just couldn’t put down until I was done with it. Great job on it guys!!

  • Brian Conley

    What a great Book as a newbie to Geocaching i found it informative and fun.I have used it to let others in on what Geocaching really is like. I also like hearing stories about others adventures.I volunteer at an Elementary School and are going to Go Geocaching with our Grade Sixes we are using this as our “Bible”

  • Justin Kovarik

    Friend via Facebook…I recently had the honor of reading The Joy of Geocaching;Digital BETA edition. This book encompasses all levels of geoachers,from the most green rookies,all the way up to the most seasoned veterans of cachers. One of my favorite parts of reading the book,was having to have a notebook nearby to write down all the ideas this book generated for me. Thanks for a GREAT Read!!.

  • I am quite new to geocaching and just bought this book a few days ago. I am having a great time reading it and hope to finish it soon. Great book!

  • Oliver Hyde

    What a fantastic book!!!!!!!
    I first listened to your interview on Podcacher and from that point,hearing your clear enthusiasm for the book and the sport of Geocaching,I just had to order your book :) .
    Can’t wait to read the whole book in detail
    Thanks for all the hard work you put in to make such a good resource

  • Lee Roberts

    this is a great read for any geocacher or anyone interested in geocaching. Wonderful stories of geocachers and their adventures. Also lots of helpful tips for the novice and the not so novice geocacher. I have recommended this book to all my geocaching friends.

  • Nancy Webster

    Great book,loved both the stories and the practical knowledge. Recommended resource for anyone interested in Geocaching!

  • Sarah

    Fantastic book that offers valuable help to those of us who are just starting out in the geocaching world.

  • John Pretty

    We’re coming up on our 1st year of geocaching and we wish we had this book 6 months ago,and are convinced it will be on the coffee table for quite a while. The authors have done a good job of presenting geocaching from the basics to more advanced caching and general navigation understanding (I finally found someone that could explain why there are multiple ways of showing cords!).
    We really enjoyed the antidotes and stories in the book,including coverage on an evil hide (and evil hider) in our area. One of our favorite parts has been learning more about some areas we knew little about. We really enjoyed learning more about power caching and extreme caching. Lots to read and soak up,and a great book to just pick up and start reading. We would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in geocaching,and to our geocaching friends.
    Mudd Trekkers

  • Harry Eyre

    One fantastic book. This book has it all:fun,adventure,history,instructions,guidelines,rules,DIY,drama,hope,joy,romance (you may have to dig for that one);it is all there. It is written for the new comer and the old timer. It reads smoothly and once you pick it up,you will have a hard time putting it down. Share it with new cachers and old cachers,everyone will get something of benefit from it. Not only that,but the folk that wrote it have lived parts of it and it doesn’t take long to gather that they know what they are writing about. Great illustrations that would have been better in color. Top Marks…this book will get you to GZ.

  • Samantha

    The Joy of Geocaching taught me how to go geocaching. I was introduced to it when I was young but never got the hang out the activity. This past summer a new friend got me interested in it again and just recently suggested I read this book. This book helped me so much! The instructions were very easy to follow and within no time I was able to find gaches right by my own house. Most importantly this book got my family and I out together,being active while having fun. This book is a must read for any geocacher!

  • Deborah Eyre

    One fantastic book. This book has it all:fun,adventure,history,instructions,guidelines,rules,DIY,drama,hope,joy;it is all there. It is written for the new comer and the old timer. It reads smoothly and once you pick it up,you will have a hard time putting it down. Share it with new cachers and old cachers,everyone will get something of benefit from it. Not only that,but the folk that wrote it have lived parts of it and it doesn’t take long to gather that they know what they are writing about. Great illustrations that would have been better in color. Top Marks…this book will get you to GZ.

  • Jim Moody

    We can’t put this book down! Fun Fun Fun…Still learning and having a blst!

  • Sherry Steele

    I started this adventure 1 year ago and my Mother has decided I am “addicted”–well,it’s fun and everyday that I find new things (your book) telling me about it,I’m just a tad more addicted.. Thanks for the little book about geocaching –just another great “tool”of the geocacher!

  • Clayton Lucey (Clatmandu)

    Great book with lots of information for new and veteran cachers alike. One of the best parts of the book is to show how geocaching is such a social activity. Since recieving it,I have been taking the book to events and getting others interested in it.

  • James M. Wyatt

    A real page turner. 260 pages in two days.. I really enjoyed the Stories. Names I recognized in cache logs here in Kern County California. As matter of fact,yesterday I stopped at page 66,left to go Caching,&found a cache. I noticed one person used a rubber stamp,&another a labeler. I noted the names in my notes,and the next day I continued the book,&got to page 69. Habu!? Name sounds familiar.. I check my notes,and sure’nuff! Habu! used the Rubber Stamp.. I give the Book 5 out of 5!!
    Now,can you write a book about every possible thing I can do with GSAK?? :)

    James “Fraverco”Wyatt

  • we’d love to do a book on GSAK. There is so much in there that we didn’t even touch upon. The expert in this area is The Outlaw. He gives half-day courses in GSAK and spent several hours walking us through some of its finer points. The organizers of Geowoodstock should really ask him to come out and do a special tutorial.

  • Bill Bresee (Capt Biggins)

    I just went out and bought the book the other day. I’m very impressed. This is the book I’m definitely recommending this book to others who want to know more about geocaching!

  • Mary

    I’m new to Geocaching and I found this book very informational,concise,all around a great book for everyone young &old who have questions about Geocaching. Thanks for the knowledge!!

  • Claudia Patterson (Geo Ms P)

    Great Book!! This we recommened to me and it was a book filled with great stories and life changing events in cachers histories. Thanks for a wonderful book. I will recommend it to others also.

  • Thanks so much for your nice words! They mean the world to us.

  • I got this for my husband’s birthday and he is obsessed with it! We are big geocachers and this book just added to his joy. He is constantly referring to it when we are out and about. Even if you think you are a pro pick this up because there’s so much more to know.

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