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Geocaching Terms You Need to Know | The Joy of Geocaching Book

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Geocaching Terms You Need to Know

If you’re new to geocaching,here are the basic terms you need to know. There really aren’t many!

A geocache is defined simply as “a hidden container that includes,at minimum,a logbook for geocachers to sign.” That’s it. Containers come in all shapes and sizes and there’s nothing about the game that specifies what it must contain other than the logbook. The log is simply a written record of your visit that corresponds to an online record posted at Geocaching.com.

Geocaching.com is the website of record for geocaching. It contains the world’s largest collection of geocaches and related destinations such as virtual and event caches. Geocaching.com isn’t the only website of its kind;others include Earthcache.org,Gcinfo.no,Navicache.com,TerraCaching.com and GPSgames.org. There are also several country-specific versions of Geocaching.com. However,nothing comes close to this site in its scope and importance to the community.

GPSr is shorthand for global positioning system receiver. You need one to play the game,although some masochists do play without these gadgets. Like almost every aspect of geocaching,how you play is up to you. GPSr models range in price from less than $100 to several hundreds of dollars. You can buy them used and online these days at very low cost.

Coordinates are intersecting points of longitude and latitude that specify a unique location on Earth. For the purposes of this game,coordinates are provided by satellite signals and interpreted by the GPSr.

A waypoint is a coordinate that has some significance. It may be the location of a geocache,a parking area,a nearby business or just a location you want to remember. GPSr units store designated locations as waypoints.

GC is the prefix used to designate waypoints that are geocaches. Every registered geocache on Geocaching.com is assigned a unique code that begins with these letters.

A log is a written record of a visit to a geocache,whether the visitor found or did not find the cache. A geocache is considered found once the player signs the physical logbook at the site. However,the find (or the fact that the player wasn’t able to make the find) isn’t added to a player’s online tally until it is entered at Geocaching.com.

A trackable is an item placed in a geocache for the purpose of being moved from one location to another. Its whereabouts can be tracked online.

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