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Funny Stories

film_cansWhat caching adventure prompted you to sign your log with a big LOL? We especially liked the one that took us to a place where someone had taped more than 200 film canisters under a set of stairs. We laughed for a solid minute when we saw that (left). Or maybe you had a memorable Muggle encounter you’d like to share.

Here’s where you can share your funny caching stories in as much detail as you care to contribute.  Just post your story as a comment below and don’t forget to tell us your name and e-mail address! If you have accompanying photos,please e-mail them to us  (sorry,this website doesn’t support uploads). 

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The fine print in plain English: By submitting your story and/or photos,you give us permission to publish it in The Joy of Geocaching as well as in any promotions,abstracts,summaries or derivative works. You also give us permission to edit your contribution as we see fit with the understanding that we will make every effort not to change the meaning. We will make every effort to acknowledge you as the source of the information,with the understanding that attribution is not possible in every circumstance. By clicking “Submit Comment,”you acknowledge your acceptance of this agreement.

10 comments to Funny Stories

  • Laura Goodwin

    I started geocaching for many reasons:it sounded like a great adventure,it involved technical gadgets,and it would be a wonderful,inexpensive family activity. Little did I know that it would also mean helping my daughter with her attention deficit disorder (A.D.D.). She was having trouble concentrating for some time and focusing on simple tasks before her. One example:me telling her to go and get her shoes because we were leaving the house. I would then have to go and retrieve her from her room,after she didn’t return,because she could not remember why she was in there. Needless to say,I took her to the doctor and they prescribed a low dose medicine that made all of the difference in the world. I don’t give the medicine to her on the weekends or during the summer,preferring to work with her on my own. The medicine is reserved only for when she goes to school. When we started geocaching,I just figured I would be the one finding the caches,but that I’d let my children pick out the prizes and sign the log book. Geocaching has been a Godsend that I’d never dreamed of. I had directed her to a first few simple ones. And now? She looks harder and more carefully than for anything I’ve ever seen her do. She wants to succeed at finding them SO much [herself] and normally does,no matter how long it takes. We’ve had a few that we did not find. She begged me not to register it as a DNF. So,we decided together that we would come back at a later time and try again. This is a wonderful idea! That way,we never fail. We just approach it again later. I realized that this is supposed to be a “funny”story. Her teacher e-mailed me recently to let me know something humorous that had occurred in class. The teacher asked her if she could find something on her paper that was wrong. My daughter studied her paper then said,“Give me a moment. I know it’s there in plain sight.”Funny how your words often come back to you like a boomerang! Geocaching is helping her to approach life issues in the right way!

  • Actual “Discovery” log on a Travel Bug. Fictional story about a very real Travel Bug. Figured that if someone went through the trouble of doing this as a Travel Bug it was worth the creativity time to devote to my log. If you visit the TB page you will see why. TB#TB1D1MH.

    I was out for some “Night Caching” when I happened upon a curious spot in Sacramento Area. “This looks perfect for a possible Difficulty 5,Terrain 5 cache.” I thought to myself. Before me was a dimly lit house that appeared to be abandoned and very creepy in the moonlight at the midnight hour. It was tucked away down a short and secluded driveway and surrounded by a wire fence. The low hanging braches made the yard even creepier. I felt as if I was about to approach the Bates’ home and was in for a night of horror. “Yep,definitely a Difficulty 5 due to the fear factor!!” I convinced myself.

    “OK,let’s check this out.” I said in my head as to not break the silence of the surrounding area. As I approached the fence and began to “breech the perimeter” a rabid Raccoon came out of nowhere and knocked me to the ground. As this creature made repeated attempts to sink its foam covered teeth into my jugular I rolled around in the short cut but razor sharp foliage at the base of the fence. With some well placed smacks I managed to knock the Raccoon off of me and it retreaded back into the bushes while growling back at me. I got up and nursed some of the cuts and scrapes on my arms and back from the broken twigs that jabbed me as I defended myself against that beast.

    I turned my attention back to the task at hand,checking out the house for a suitable location to hide my next treasure. I noticed a window that was just slightly ajar through the darkness. It squeaked as I pushed it open to make room for my now bleeding body to climb through. As I crawled through the widow,trying to be as quiet as possible,I slipped on the windowsill and fell head first into to the darkness within. CRASH!!! I found myself lying on a pile of stuff,not the floor as I expected. Jabbing my ribs was a random array of hard objects that made the telltale scraping noise of metal and plastic as I tried to regain my footing. I only slipped again and fell forward into a softer pile of what felt like rolled up and crumpled paper. Then the pain of hundreds of little paper cuts reached the pain center of my brain as I sat up and reached into my pocket for my flashlight. I hit the switch on the flashlight and was greeted by a horrific,yet familiar,scene of an obsession gone awry.

    All around me littered about the room was a random assortment of little containers of various composition. Altoid tins,mayonnaise jars,film containers,ammo boxes,you name it. If it was a container of sorts it was on the floor somewhere. My paper cuts did in facts come from a pile of little rolled up and crumpled scraps of parchment. Upon closer inspection they all seemed to have many signatures upon them. Some in little baggies and some just strewed about haphazardly. Still sitting on the floor in the “Razor Wire” pile of paper I turned my flashlight up to inspect the room that I had entered. “I hope that no one heard me!” I thought to myself,“This place is really creepy. And with the blood loss that I am experiencing… Yep… Terrain 5.”

    I was slowly turning my flashlight around the perimeter of the room to discover a workbench. Upon it were half used rolls of camouflaged duct tape,random spray paint cans,scraps of wire and an assortment of rusty tools. There were more containers stacked neatly on the edge of the workbench that appeared to be the only thing in the room,so far,that was not in disarray. Then I heard a noise…. a really deep and raspy groaning… AND IT WAS CLOSE!!!! I jerked around to face what I thought for sure was a large troll or Sasquatch or some other horrific creature!! I silently screamed in my head as my flashlight illuminated what appeared to be a severed leg upon a bed of heavy sheets that heaved up and down in rhythm with the groaning. As I bit my lip to keep from panicking,I realized that whatever was making that bloodcurdling noise was asleep under the covers. That leg must have been what is left of its dinner!!

    As I began to take bearing of my situation,and trying to remain as quiet as possible,I began to formulate my exit strategy. Then something caught my eye,strange markings on that severed leg. It seemed so familiar,had I seen these markings before? I focused my flashlight onto the marking only to discern what looked like a strangely shaped barcode and a series of letters and numbers beneath it. What the!?!? That’s a Travel Bug!! Somebody tattooed it on their leg!! As the number for that barcode was burned into my brain,a fearful moment of realization fell over me…. This creature preys on Geocachers,and I may be its next victim!! It makes caches,as evident by the mess on the floor and about the room,puts them out and then waits for an unsuspecting seeker to show up. The explorer is captured and brought back here to be eaten in this creature’s lair!!! My god! It is like creating and then baiting a trap for humans!!!

    I stood frozen for what seemed an eternity trying to figure out what to do next. Do I just make a break for the window and hope for the best? Do I try to subdue this creature in its sleep to stop it from taking another victim? Do I just stand here sweating until morning when this creature will wake up and just put an end to my miserable predicament? Wait a minute… what about the poor cacher whose remains are just feet away? Who was that and how will his family know what happened to him? OK! I made up my mind… grab the leg and make a break for the window!! Beat off the creature with the leg if I have to defend myself on the way out. At least if I make it out alive the fate of this unfortunate soul will be known.

    I took a deep breath and reached out for the leg. As my fingers wrapped around the ankle I noticed that the limb was still warm. Dang!! A fresh kill!! I yanked with all my might but the leg did not give!!! As I lost my grip and fell to the floor the creature belted out a loud and horrific yelp!! Laying on a pile of Tupperware on the floor with my flashlight in one hand and fingers full of leg hair in the other,I looked up in horror as the sheets began to rise and the leg disappeared beneath them. The leg was not from a fresh kill but rather it was attached to the creature now bellowing out in agony from beneath the covers. Before I knew it I was doing some Superman action out the window!! I landed on who knows what out in the yard but the pain of a newly gashed cut on my leg could not stop me from half running,half flying over the fence. As I ran at top speed from the area I glanced back towards the incoherent yelps and grunts from the open window. A light had come on in the room and I could just make out shadows cast on the walls of the thrashing beast and small containers being thrown around. I could swear that I could hear the sounds of machine gun fire too!!

    As the noises became more distant I slowed my pace as my heart was about to explode in my chest. I was a safe distance now and I sat on a stump to rest. As I did,the pain of the many cuts,abrasions and forming bruises of my ordeal started to overtake my brain. I had to get home and nurse my wounds…. I need a Beer!!!

    Later in the evening,after many stitches and ice packs,I had a few epiphanies about my “adventure”. Number one,I did not mark the coordinates of that house so that I could warn others to stay away. Number two,that would have been a 5/5 cache if I was successful in placing one there. Number three,I hope that I never cross paths with that Geocaching Obsessed Creature. And if I do,let’s just hope that he does not know that it was me what took a patch of leg hair!!

    I guess that I will just have to settle for a “Discovery” since my attempt to “Retrieve” was unsuccessful.

  • Stephen O'Gara (Ventura Kids)

    We approached the cache site in the Riverside University parking lot. Since this was just after the 9 11 attack,there was a Police Officer stationed at every Public Building and school….including this one. The Police Officer was parked about 200 feet from the cache site. We decided to go ahead and find the cache,since it is legal…we thought. As we passed the Officer,we could see he was standing outside his car. He had his bible out,and was passing the time reading it. We continued past him and parked just 10 feet from GZ (ground zero is where the gps reads zero…the cache should be near there). I spotted what I thought was an obvious clue to the location of the cache…a nice softball sized rock near the edge of the parking lot with a clear fishing line tied around it. I was certain we would have the cache in our hands quickly. I was probably looking quite nervous,because I noticed the Police Officer had put away his bible and was moving around the car to our side…perhaps to get a better view. As I picked up the rock,I realized the fishing line was strung thru the top of a nearby parking sign. As I lifted the rock up,the bison tube sized geocache moved down inside the parking sign. I needed to lift the rock just above my shoulder in order to allow Sandy to be able to open the bison tube. So…I stood there with a softball sized rock in my hand,just above my shoulder,facing the Police Car 200 feet away. The Police Officer started to walk towards us….he unsnapped his service revolver…and questioned “Are we about to have a problem here?”The situation was quickly deteriorating. Sandy didn’t see the Police Officer approaching because she was busy opening the bison tube to get the log sheet out. I had to think fast…. what do I do?…drop the rock?…I remembered what I learned as a kid…show respect. So I yelled out “No sir! This girl told me to hold this rock just like this”The Police Officer started laughing,and said “when in doubt,blame the girl”.

    We spent the next 10 minutes explaining geocaching to the Police Officer.

    (feel free to modify as needed)

  • Lynn Wilcoxsn (Daggy)

    Being a natural prankster,Deermark is frequently pulling some type of stunt. Occasionally,there is someone around who can match his creativity. It all began with a small nutcracker.

    This little soldier would mysteriously show up in the most unusual places. In the first episode,he was found hibernating in a co-worker’s desk drawer. Confiscated by Jerry,the co-worker,and surely the fun was over. Or was it?

    A few weeks later when Deermark was switching into his hiking boots for an after work trek in the woods,he found the nutcracker in his boot. It was war from that point on. Mr. Nutcracker traveled back and forth between the two. Each one trying to out do the other.

    In the next year,the nutcracker showed up in cars,in lunch boxes,on a pillow,in the shower and many other places. Having enjoyed the tales of the nutcracker,I wanted to join the fun. So I set to work.

    I contacted the co-worker and set the plan in motion. Deermark and I,along with KepNFit and JPlus14 were headed to Colorado for a caching spree. You guessed it,the nutcracker was stashed in my suitcase and ready for some fun. Now to find the perfect hiding spot.

    Several caches into our day we hit gold. Nice hike up a hill. Plenty of possible hiding spots amongst the rocks and boulders. The team went into action.

    Now,KepNFit did his first 2500 caches without owing a GPS so it wasn’t unusual for him to go for some of the obvious spots. And that he did. As we hunted,I kept one eye peeled toward him and soon had the signal of success. As I distracted Deermark,the cache was quietly opened and the nutcracker stowed away. Now you know none of us went anywhere near the cache location and soon Deermark sounded the cry of success.

    With us standing back with cameras at the ready,Deermark sprang open the ammo box. The look on his face was priceless. He stammered out his astonishment. Now how did Jerry know which caches he was going to and who in Colorado helped him place the nutcracker? Who was the creative one in the group,just little ol’ me.

  • Lynn Wilcoxson (Daggy)

    Vacations come and vacations go. We weren’t any different than the average family. A week in Florida,a week in Myrtle Beach and occasionally as trip to New Orleans. Sometime just our little family. Others with extended family.

    Time to shake things up. Where to go and what to do. Deermark had fallen in love with hiking the mountains while I was conferencing in Utah. His burning desire to back on a mountain top had us renting a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia.

    Here we are in picturesque area surrounded by mountains. Now what? About a month before,Mark had tested his skill at a new adventure called geocaching. Convincing me that I would like it,four of us headed out for a day of treasure hunting.

    Heading up the mountain the sky looked ominous. We drove through the twists and turns of the mountains eventually turning into what I just knew was someone’s wheat field. We crept along following what I dare call a road,it was more like a cart path. The road was the only thing visible. The crops towered above the top of the car. I just knew someone would be waiting ahead with a gun in arms daring us to continue crossing his property.

    After what seemed like hours,the car slowed and stop. Scrambling out of the car,I was anxious to get this over with and head back to the comfort of my beautiful little cabin. Let get this so called treasure and get back on the road before someone shoots us. A quarter of a mile? What do you mean a quarter of a mile? Whatever! Let’s go.

    So with a few items in hand,we started our hike. Up and down the trail through switchbacks and straight-aways we inched our way to the loot. Quick looks skyward reveals mother nature’s fury may well be on her way,as well.

    Finally,we arrived at the destination. So where is it? Searching high and low with no idea in the world of what I’m looking for was aggravating. Ah! There it is. Oh no! Here it comes. The sky opened up and we are in a tremendous downpour. Now what?

    There were four of us each with a baseball cap and a poncho in our pack. Quickly we snuggled the ends of the poncho under each cap and formed a tent. Laughing and giggling while we took turns signing the log. We had to look a site to anyone who could have seen us.

    Trekking back the car,I had to admit I had fun and was willing to attempt just one more. Through the field of dreams,back along the windy road we made our way to another adventure.

    Out of the car and on the trail again,we slipped and slid along the now muddy trail. The arrow was leading up to the side of a slippery slope. Up we go and started the search. But wait,my feet are moving but the rest of me is not. Down the hill I go desperately trying to stop my momentum. I stopped with the help of a not so generous tree just as someone yelled,“I found it.”

    Knowing the trials and tribulations of my first two caches Deermark is astonished that I still cache. A friend,Lumberjack Tom,once wrote a poem about me. It goes,

    I am Daggy,hear me roar!
    I‘ll beat Deermark out the door
    if a cache out there
    awaits to find or place…

  • I have only been caching for just over a year now,so I’m not sure if it is inexperience,or just poor judgment,but if there is a wrong way to a cache I’m the one taking it. Sadly for the Cachers who decide to follow,this can be quite interesting. Case in point,we did this late last summer,in a park south of Columbiana,Ohio.

    It was a picture perfect day for caching,and me and fellow Cacher,Geoguin,headed out for the day. After spending the morning doing caches spread over Columbiana County we were glad to find a park with a cluster of five large sized caches. We went all day without me taking us the wrong way. So sure enough my luck,or good judgment ran out.

    Up On The Trail (GCTPFV) it was. This was the cache that taught me how to read elevation changes on my Colorado. Geoguin and I got out of the car,and the GPS was heading us down a steep but nicely maintained trail. It was packed gravel with steps cut into it every five feet or so. We headed in for about two hundred yards,when the GPS started pointing us into the woods. We were still about five hundred feet to go,and the trail turned behind this monstrous hill.

    I stopped and Geoguin and I discussed if we should bushwhack to the cache,or stay on the trail. I said the cache is only rated at a one and a half,and I can’t see going through the woods would qualify. So down the path we headed. I remember thinking even on the path this is going to be a hike out of here.

    Sure enough at the bottom of the hill the GPS turned perpendicular to the path reading less than two hundred feet. We looked at each other,and didn’t say a word. We just started climbing the hill. It was at such a steep angle that standing straight up I could touch the hill face with an outstretched arm. We dug in and kept climbing. The higher we got the softer the ground became. With every step I got dirt over the top of my hiking boots.

    Huffing like an old steam train I pulled myself up with any sapling I could get my hands on. Stress testing my newly purchased hiking staff. After what seemed a lot longer than it was we got to where the cache was,and Geoguin quickly came up with the find. Well I was standing with both hands on my knees still trying to catch my breath,and looked off to the right. You guessed it,there was the nicest path cut through the woods. It was flat,without any obstructions. We followed it back to the exact spot where we stopped earlier.

    Now whenever we get into that what path to take situation I always think of this cache.

  • Mark Wilcoxson (Deermark)

    Way back in April of 2003 Indy Diver,Kepnfit and I took a Geocaching/Hiking trip to the Asheville area of North Carolina. We were hiking to GCDDB3 The Chimney,which was about a mile hike. As we were walking through a field Indy Diver step in an orange mess that he though was Sweet Potatoes. His exact words were,“Look I stepped in Sweet Potatoes out here in the middle of nowhere.” It didn’t take but a few seconds to realize it wasn’t sweet potatoes but human excrement. He tried to wipe it off on the grass but the orange goop just wouldn’t release. We kept our distance from him the remainder of the hike. Just before we got to the car we had to cross a small stream. Indy Diver tried his best to wash the mess off to no avail. Luckily I had an old grocery sack in the car and he stored his shoes in it. When we arrived at our campsite he ran water from a faucet over the bottom of his shoes and still couldn’t get it off. I had a steel brush in my car which I let him use and he finally managed to clean his boots. Of course Kepnfit and I teased him about Sweet Potatoes the whole trip. Now this should have been the end of the story but there is more. After camping and eating dehydrated food for 4 days we were desperate for a real meal so we stopped at a local steak house. We all ordered steak and baked potatoes. When the waiter return to the table and told us they were out of baked potatoes but could substitute Sweet Potatoes we busted out laughing and kept laughing for 10 minutes. Of course the waiter thought we were nuts. It was a great trip with great friends. If you ever meet Indy Diver and want to see him smile ask him about Sweet Potatoes.


  • Chip Thomas

    Well,this one has a story.
    SQRT and I were in bed watching TV,and SQRT decided to get a snack. As she reaches the kitchen,she hears my computer go off. “Bing”,new cache has been published. She does a running sprint down the hall yelling,“A Cache has been published!! Can we go??” I guess. So as we are both getting dressed,I try and figure out where the cache is because I can’t put coordinates into my Streetpilot. (Fixing that this Christmas!!) So I yell that I think I know where it is and write down the coordinates for the 60CSX for when we get there.
    So we run for the truck and back out of the driveway. While leaving the driveway,SQRT looks for the 60CSX and yells I can’t find it go back,it’s at the house. So I do a u-turn and speed back to the house. SQRT jumps out of the moving truck,runs for the door,and hits the rug flat footed. The rug slips on the wet concrete and she hits the floor. Bum,back,elbows and all. While on the ground,yells back,“I’m OK!” Runs in,grabs the CSX and were off.
    We hit I-20,and then Wheeler Road. As we turn onto Wheeler,we spot a white SUV. The first thing that hits my mind is,mMuggz!!! How did he get here so fast? But upon getting closer,we see that it’s the wrong type. And we no more get that out of our mind,a RED TRUCK!!! Pilgrims?? They live in Dearing!!!! No wait,that’s a dealer tag. They’ve had that more than a month.
    So,we turn onto Robert C Daniel,and get closer and closer. No more familiar Geocars. As we make the turn into the Target parking lot,SQRT says turn right and we run for a light pole. That’s it,that’s it!! No wait,it’s in the next parking lot!!!! Great!! Go that way,go that way!!! We exit the old grocery store parking lot. Great,right turn only and no left turn. A median is in the middle!!! I ask,SEE ANY COPS???
    I make the highly illegal left turn;hopping the curb and barrel into David’s Bridals parking lot. We drive straight toward the dumpster that the CSX is pointing us to. We see the light pole and I see the cache under the skirt. We both jump out and do the FTF dance. As I grab the cache,I notice that the log is sticking out of the cache. As I pull out the log,I also notice 25 names on the log.
    We sign the log. No reason to waist the trip altogether.
    As we drive back to the house,we can’t figure out what is going on. Upon closer inspection of the computer,we figure out that in the same message download as the new cache,someone had logged their find for this cache as well. SQRT read the wrong one. The “real” new cache was actually The Birthday Bash Cache some 27 miles away. Oops!!
    Now back to the fall. SQRT gets up for work at 6am and calls by 8 am saying she is very,very sore. By 3:45pm,we have a doctor’s appointment,4:55pm we have a doctor telling us she has bruised most of her backside. 5:15pm we have 9 X-rays and 2 perceptions for pain medicine.
    So,moral of this story,make sure you read the right email.

  • Rick Williams

    My wife and I were out looking for a cache,was our first trip out with the GPS. Parked the car turned on the GPS followed the arrow. We walked reading the GPS not looking up,lead us to a wall,what the heck a wall that’s just not right. So thinking maybe the mark was wrong we walked back to the car got the other GPS we had for driving and started off again. This time we walked a different way and sure enough we were back at the wall.
    Searched the whole section of wall and found nothing. Decide we had the wrong waypoint we started to walk away I tripped on the cable in the ground gave it a kick and yep there it was right at the wall. Moral of the story don’t make the same mistake twice and believe in your GPS.

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