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Tip of the Day 10/5:What the Heck is UTM?

In our weekly Tech Tuesday tip,we tell you how to use technology to help you geocache.

When you look up a geocache on,you might notice alternative coordinates buried in almost apologetically small type under the main coordinates. They look like this:

UTM:19T E 300347 N 4684268

What the heck is that,[...]

Geocaching News 9/10/10

Android app is like Foursquare meets Pirate Bay –CNet

Trackdropper is an Android app that lets users “drop”songs from their phone’s music collection in physical locations. Then,other users can go on treasure hunts to find and play the dropped songs. The idea is to use geocaching to make music piracy more like [...]

Tip of the Day 8/31:Your GPSr is Fooling You

In this week’s Tech Tuesday tip,we’ll give you a clue on how to use technology to help you geocache.

For security reasons,the U.S. government won’t let the civilian GPS network be too accurate. That means that even the best GPS receivers give you no better than 3-meter (10-foot) precision. A little high school [...]

Geocaching News 8/26/2010

Using GPS for Survival Geocaching

Spinning off of geocaching for recreational use,geocaching can also come in handy for survival purposes.  Here we will explore some of the ways that a GPS unit can be employed from an emergency preparedness standpoint…

Reference:Using GPS for Survival Geocaching

Geocaching Brings Out the Kid in [...]

Tip of the Day 8/17:Unraveling the Mystery of GPX Files

In this week’s Tech Tuesday tip,we’ll give you a clue on how to use technology to help you geocache.

If you’re a premium member of,you’re no doubt familiar with GPX files,which are the files you can download from the site and use in many GPS receivers and PC programs. But have [...]

Tip of the Day 8/10:Easily Find the Coordinates of Any Address

For our second Tech Tuesday Tip,we’ll give you a clue on how to use technology to help you geocache.

Have you ever needed to find the geographic coordinates of an address and didn’t know where to start? You can actually enter the address on Google Maps and extract the coordinates from the site’s embedded [...]

Celebrating Human Stories

The Joy of Geocaching is a celebration of stories;the hundreds told to us by veteran cachers barely scratched the surface of the rich experiences that players have related in logs over the last decade. We decided to make stories the centerpiece of the book,so we were tickled this week to learn that [...]

Stargazing,or The Top Geocachers By The Numbers

We look up at and to stars,in the galaxy and in geocaching. We thought it’d be nice to share the list we worked from when we were looking for the top geocachers (by the number of caches found) to interview for the book. This list is kept up to date.

Alamogul is still in [...]

We’re on Twitter

Well,Paul has been on Twitter for years. And Dana,too. Now even our geohound,Jacoby,is on Twitter. So naturally,our “first child,”our book,is now on Twitter,too. Follow the book,the dog,the girl and the boy!

Origins of Geocaching

Our friend Jaguar at Quill Driver (our publisher) sent us a link about the origins of geocaching that we wanted to share with you. Here’s a link to the usenet post that Dave Ulmer wrote,starting the whole game. Enjoy!