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Two Very Good Reasons We Haven’t Geocached In a While

Dana and I have taken a forced break from geocaching for the past several months,but for a very good reason. They’re named Lillian Emma and Blair Isabelle,and they were born April 1,2011. Here’s Dana with our two newest geocachers from this past Easter Sunday.

It was a difficult pregnancy,as twins often are. Dana was on bed rest for four months. She’s mending quickly,though,and we expect to hit the trails again sometime this summer,but our caching will be somewhat curtailed until the twins are more mobile. In the meantime,we’re declaring FTF on Lil and Blair.

Now the big question:For the immediate future,should they share a single ID or each get their own?


Dana with new geocachers Lillian (l.) and Blair

Dana with new geocachers Lillian (l.) and Blair Gillin

1 comment to Two Very Good Reasons We Haven’t Geocached In a While

  • Newo Max

    Congratulations (belated) on your new arrivals! For what it is worth,and it it is not too late,I’d like to add that my wife and I had twin boys (non-identical) back in 2004. We named them Owen and Max We just started geocaching earlier this year (2013) when they were 8. I asked them what they wanted their geocache name(s) to be,and they came back with “Newo Max.”Newo is Owen spelled backwards. And there you have it –our collective geocache name is Newo Max. This includes dad (me) and anybody else that happens to be along with us on a given day,that doesn’t already have a geocache name of their own.

    Of course,this throws some folks off at first,wondering why “we”always refer to “ourselves”in our log entries!

    I (we) wish you many happy years of caching with your extended crew!

    Newo Max

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