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Offbeat Public Network Could Be a Geocaching Tool

Dead Drop locationOur friend David Strom alerted us to this offbeat variation on geocaching. Dead Drops is an anonymous story-sharing network that uses a simple approach to exchanging information. As the site explains,“USB flash drives are embedded into walls,buildings and curbs accessible to anybody. Everyone is invited to drop or find files. Plug your laptop into a wall,house or pole to share your favorite files and data.”

In other words,plug in and share your story in any format –text,audio or video –and others may come along and retrieve it. We think this could have great application to geocaching. Many multi-stage caches use interim waypoints that feature coordinates written in marker. What if those waypoints could include stories or puzzles,too? You plug your laptop or tablet into an exposed USB port and get your information about the next coordinate that way.

Has anyone tried this? If not,who’ll be the first to incorporate a Dead Drop into a geocache?

1 comment to Offbeat Public Network Could Be a Geocaching Tool

  • This is a neat idea,but I would be very hesitant to plug into one. It only takes one mischievous person to connect and imbed a virus onto the flash drive. Some of these virus’can be planted on the USB drive and once connected to another device it can play a little geocaching of its own and steal account information,imbed bots that will upload the stolen info to another site once internet is detected,or write the info back to a hidden file on the flash drive waiting for the malicious user to return and download the info. Your personal information can be stolen in the worse case,and your laptop corrupted in the best case scenario. Although altruistic in concept,its an idea that is ill advised.



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