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Tip of the Day 2/10:Choosing a GPSr —Geocaching features

In this post on Choosing a GPSr (GPS receiver),we’d like to discuss geocaching features.

In the early days of handheld GPS navigation,most GPSr manufacturers included a few geocaching features strictly as an after-thought. Cache waypoints were all but indistinguishable from any others and the volume of information that users could capture was limited.

All of that has changed recently. With the release of its Colorado and Oregon lines of receivers in 2008,Garmin came out with products that cachers could truly call their own. These capable but pricey units can store detailed descriptions,log entries,and hints downloaded from the website. They even give users the ability to log and comment on their finds for later upload. Expect Magellan to add similar features.


Does your GPSr have geocaching features? Do you use them? Comment on this post to share!

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