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Tip of the Day 12/1: Muggle Distractions — The Quasi-Truth | The Joy of Geocaching Book Contribute Your Stories!

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Tip of the Day 12/1:Muggle Distractions —The Quasi-Truth

Occasionally you’ll run into the awkward situation of noticing bystanders staring at you while you’re geocaching with expressions that range from puzzled to hostile You really can’t blame them:Why would an otherwise grown-up man or woman spend 10 minutes poking around under rocks in an urban park in the middle of the day or wriggling around on the sidewalk under a newspaper box?

Muggles will stop and look at you while you’re peering into dark places and rustling in the bushes,but few will bother to ask for an explanation. However,some will ask. It’s nice to answer. When they’re wearing blue uniforms,it’s downright essential.

In general,the best approach is to tell people what you’re actually doing —“We are engaged in a treasure hunt using global positioning systems”—or the terser option —“We are participating in an Internet treasure hunt.”Most Muggles will be sufficiently baffled by this response and will move on. For the few that express interest in learning more,show them your GPSr and explain to them how you’re trying to pinpoint the treasure. You can even invite them to join in the hunt.

If you don’t want to explain, however,we’ve learned of some clever ways to distract Muggles. We’d like to share some with you in the next few weeks.


Show Me The Cache,who always has fun with the game of geocaching,usually doesn’t lie to Muggles,but he doesn’t tell the whole truth,either. He says,“When Muggles are unavoidable,I either speak in an imaginary foreign language,slide into role playing,or ignore them. If I really feel the need to answer them,I explain that I am in their area checking satellite reception. And I really am! Everyone seems to appreciate that. I love when the truth is the best answer.”

Got your own tip for distracting Muggles? Comment on this post to share!

1 comment to Tip of the Day 12/1:Muggle Distractions —The Quasi-Truth

  • Karla

    While I haven’t actually tried it,I’ve always thought that carrying a clipboard,and maybe even taking some fake notes,while searching in a heavily populated area could help fend off muggles. Nobody messes with a person carrying a clipboard. Plus,it makes you look “official.”

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