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Tip of the Day 10/15:Puzzle caches —look for patterns

Find It Friday is taking a turn for the puzzling the next few weeks. We’ve heard from a lot of cachers that they don’t even try puzzle caches because they just don’t know where to start. We’re here to help,as always! We found a great resource on the Geocaching NSW site and Darren Osborne has agreed to let us share it with you.

A puzzle cache will typically require you to solve all the digits in the coordinates (15 in total),the minutes (10) or the decimal minutes (6). For example;

  • AB CD.EFG HIJ KL.MNO –15 digits
  • S33 AB.CDE E151 FG.HIJ –10 digits
  • S33 26.ABC E151 04.DEF –6 digits

Solving a 15-digit puzzle is easiest as you can use the degrees part of the coordinates to confirm you’re on the right track (see next week’s tip). Puzzles that require 10 digits are typically the hardest.

Armed with this knowledge,you should look at the puzzle to see if there are 6,10 or 15 objects,items,words,phrases,lines,etc. in the cache description. This may be where the answer is hidden.


Thanks so much to Darren Osborne of Geocaching NSW for these helpful hints about puzzle caches!

If you’ve got a tip on how you start to solve puzzle caches,please share it by commenting on this post.

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