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Tip of the Day 10/13:Choosing a GPSr —alarm

In this post on Choosing a GPSr (GPS receiver),we’d like to explain why or why not you may consider an alarm.

Some GPSr units can warn you when you’re approaching a waypoint. We can’t imagine why you’d want this for geocaching,because you’re presumably scrutinizing your destination anyway. What we’d really like to see is an alarm that reminds you to look up so you aren’t smacked in the head with a branch.


Do you use your GPSr’s alarm? Comment on this post to share!

2 comments to Tip of the Day 10/13:Choosing a GPSr —alarm

  • Payneboys

    I use my alarm on my GPS and like it. There have been times I get to hiking and not paying much attention to the GPS but once I hear the alarm I know I’m close. It adjusts the distance depending on the speed you are traveling so if you are driving it gives you more warning.

  • Mike Belanger

    I use my “alarm”,too (it’s just a soft “beep). Like with Payneboys’alarm,mine is according to your speed as to when it goes off;if I’m in the car,it’ll usually alert me when I’m within 300′or so;when walking,it shortens it to around 20-50′away.

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