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July, 2010 | The Joy of Geocaching Book

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Tip of the Day 7/30:Hide as you found

Always re-hide a cache in the same manner you found it. Small changes in covering or camouflage can elevate a difficulty 1 to a difficulty 3 in no time.

On the other hand,if a cache is out in the open and you’ve been searching for a difficulty 3,it could probably benefit from a [...]

Groundspeak Gets Social

Maybe this is a case of total coincidence or possibly great minds thinking alike,but when we wrote The Joy of Geocaching,we noted that geocaching.com’s social networking features were weak at best and the Groundspeak itself was an ineffective participant in social networks. My,how times have changed. Here’s a snip from Groundspeak’s latest [...]

Tip of the Day 7/29:Common goals keep an outing fun

When caching with other people,make sure to keep it fun by hashing out ahead of time what the goals of each person are. If some are out for a nice leisurely stroll in the woods and others want to clear out a park by sunset,you may have some discord on the trail. Keeping [...]

Tip of the Day 7/28:Sticker ‘Round

If your handwriting is as bad a Paul’s,or if you just don’t like squeezing your name into tiny logbooks,create stickers with your geocaching handle and maybe a special logo,URL or Twitter ID. We use Avery 5267 labels,which enables us to squeeze 160 labels onto a single printed sheet. You can even [...]

Tip of the Day 7/27:Difficulty/Terrain ratings are your friends

Those pesky star system ratings that tell you difficulty and terrain for each cache aren’t just for pocket query sorting! Keep them in mind when you’re actually at Ground Zero (GZ) and you may find the cache right in front of you.

A terrain of 1 means that it’s wheelchair-accessible,so if you’re searching off [...]

Tip of the Day 7/26:Caching Alone? Take These Precautions

We don’t recommend caching by yourself in the deep woods because there are so many nasty things that can happen. But if you must go solo,take these precautions:

Create a waypoint on your GPSr designating where you parked so you can find your way home. Ever seen Blair Witch Project? ‘Nuff said. Leave a [...]

Tip of the Day 7/23:Bolt head geocaches can be hard to find

Many a cacher has been stumped by a seemingly simple guard rail cache. A magnetic keyholder behind a vertical support bar is usually easy enough,but what if you’re faced with a fake bolt?

An innocent rusty bolt

Psych! It's a geocache!

Be sure to check out all the bolts (try turning them,[...]

Tip of the Day 7/22:Invest in good hiking boots

While some shoes are just fine to get at discount stores with discount names and discount comfort levels,hiking boots are not. Invest in a pair of good boots (we love our Merrells,but there are several brands out there that make wonderful boots) and you won’t be sorry. When you’re hiking 4 miles through [...]

Tip of the Day 7/21:Don’t hide a geocache until you’ve found a good variety

People usually start geocaching and think to themselves,“I have tons of ideas for placing caches now! I want to be on the giving end.”While we love that spirit,try to resist the urge to place your own caches until you’ve cached in lots of different regions (of the country,of the world) and [...]

Tip of the Day 7/20:Cache up a tree? No problem!

Unless a geocache has a terrain or difficulty rating of over 4,you shouldn’t need special equipment. That’s not to say,however,that you can just walk up to all of them. If you see a cache a dozen or so feet up in a tree or up a pole,look around for items that [...]

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