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Groundspeak Co-Founder:Android App Coming Soon

Groundspeak co-founder Bryan Roth contacted us recently to admonish us (gently) for using a Groundspeak trademark on our site without permission (Sorry,Bryan!). We’re never one to pass up an opportunity,so we asked him to answer a few questions. In the process,we discovered that Groundspeak has just started posting statistics about the number of active geocachers worldwide as well as the total numbers of logs filed on the homepage.

Here’s our brief e-mail interview:

Q:How many active geocachers are there worldwide?

A:Three to four million cachers.  There are some good monthly stats near the bottom of the homepage.  They are updated daily. As of today,There are 973,854 active caches and an estimated 3-4 million geocachers worldwide. In the last 30 days,there have been 2,273,706 new logs submitted.

Q:With smart phones now routinely incorporating GPS receivers,we could be looking at 1 billion people worldwide carrying around GPSrs within a couple of years. What impact do you think that will have on the growth of the game? Is Groundspeak doing anything to take advantage of this growth outside of the iPhone application you built?

A:The addition of new and convenient forms of access to geocaching will allow for more people to hear about it and participate.  In addition to our iPhone application,we will be releasing an Android application shortly,with other platforms to follow.

Q:Is Groundspeak giving any consideration to opening the service as a platform for third-party developers? Similarly,have you given any consideration of licensing the database for developers to build extended services?

A:We have considered both of these options.  We have opened the geocaching service and licensed the database in very limited circumstances for very specific projects.  A complete opening up of the service is not likely in the near term however all options are on the table for the future and we will evaluate them on an ongoing basis.

Q:What’s one of your favorite geocaches?

A: GCG9HP -  I am claustrophobic (somewhat) and this cache really helped me push my own personal limits.  Also,it was super cool to be caching in Finland.

Update,May 13,2010: There have been many inquiries for more information about the status of the Android application,so we e-mailed Bryan for an update. his response may not satisfy all the enthusiasts,but at least it’s a response:

Unfortunately,I don’t have a precise target to share. Simply put,we will release the app as soon as we feel it is ready and worthy of the geocaching community. Ideally,that will be in the next few weeks,but we’re reserving the right to hold it further if we’re not happy with it.

We’re Android users ourselves,and have found a couple of apps that we like. Our favorite so far is GeoBeagle. We’ve also tried GCDroid and OpenGPX. They’re functional but  a bit buggier. Google’s open approach to its marketplace should insure that plenty of apps will be available.

14 comments to Groundspeak Co-Founder:Android App Coming Soon

  • the announcement of this app coming to Android is great news…ready to get back into caching.

  • Bill Cox

    Fantastic news! I for one would love to be an Android/Geocaching Beta tester,if any are needed.

  • MaryofCrestline

    Me too. It would be nice to locate new caches with some program that could pull data from Groundspeak’s website.

  • Interestingly I contacted Mr. Roth over a year ago and then again just a few moths ago asking permission to access the Groundspeak data in my geocaching application the same way the iPhone app does and he told be that they were “concerned about it’s scalability and based on the current use,we are trying to limit access in order to guarantee that we meet our current contractual obligations.”I guess he was mistaken.

  • neoncacher

    I am wondering what the latest is on a delivery date for this Android app

  • HTC Desire

    Hmmm…Coming soon?

  • k2fly

    When u stop developing this Android App,please release the source,so we could develop it

  • Hero

    Could you please name a release date?

  • Robert

    Is there really a Groundspeak Android app in in production? Can you give us any updates or possible release information?

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on the android version!


  • Michael

    Currently I use geosphere on an iPod Touch but the refusal of Apple to allow the iPod to connect to my bluetooth GPS device has led me to the decision to go Android. So I’ve purchased my first Android phone and I will be waiting and hoping that the Groundspeak app is available soon.

  • I use c:geo for android,it uses the profile for storing info,so its almost a groundspeak app…

  • Harry

    Is there really an app in the works for the Android and Or is this vaporware like so many other rumors.

    In May we heard,“Unfortunately,I don’t have a precise target to share. Simply put,we will release the app as soon as we feel it is ready and worthy of the geocaching community. Ideally,that will be in the next few weeks,but we’re reserving the right to hold it further if we’re not happy with it.”

    Well a few weeks have come and gone. What’s the status? Who is the developer?

  • I agree this is getting pretty frustrating. However,Groundspeak has been making a lot of changes to the site,as well as building a Facebook and Twitter presence. Android may be low priority right now.

    We’ve tried GeoBeagle and GCDroid and have been quite happy with GeoBeagle. Plus it’s free.

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