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Groundspeak Co-Founder:Android App Coming Soon

Groundspeak co-founder Bryan Roth contacted us recently to admonish us (gently) for using a Groundspeak trademark on our site without permission (Sorry,Bryan!). We’re never one to pass up an opportunity,so we asked him to answer a few questions. In the process,we discovered that Groundspeak has just started posting statistics about the number [...]

The Most Evil Puzzle Cache Ever?

Maureen McArdelle (gipsie),who’s featured in the Joy of Geocaching chapter on “Caching to the Limits,”placed a famous cache series in late 2008 that was created in cooperation with some of the craftiest puzzle cachers in the mid-Atlantic region. She called it Puzzle Masters Challenge (PMC). We looked at the original “PMC –The [...]

InfiniteMPG and Friends on PBS

WEDU,the PBS affiliate in Tampa/St. Petersburg,FL,  just ran a seven-minute feature on geocaching that featured Scott Veix (InfiniteMPG) and a group of fellow geo-enthusiasts. Scott contributed tons of stories and photos to The Joy of Geocaching.

“It’s not a perfect science,”Scott tells Jack Perkins,host of  “A Gulf Coast Journal. “Your GPS [...]