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San Antonio’s a Hotbed (Literally!) of Geocaching

Paul’s daughter was visiting a friend in San Antonio this weekend,so Dana decided to come along and make a caching weekend of it.  We picked up 61 new caches and logged 14 DNFs in a little over two days,which wasn’t bad considering the sweltering summer heat.  We cached in the middle of the [...]

New Hampshire Adventure

While taking a short break in the White Mountains of New Hampshire,we decided to try our hand at some rough terrain geocaching.  In these rocky mountains,that means climbing over boulders and scrambling up short by the very steep hills,clinging on to any branch or tree root one can find for support.  We logged [...]

Treetop Adventure in NH

If you’re ever in the White Mountain region of New Hampshire,sign up for the Canopy Tour at Bretton Woods ski area. We took a break from geocaching to zip through the treetops for a few hours and it was a memorable experience indeed. ‘We can’t recommend it highly enough. Here are some videos of the [...]