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New Site Covers Caching In the Extreme

Does this look like fun to you? Then you should head on over to Extreme Caching,a new site by one of the game’s most die-hard 5/5 cachers:Dutch Sanders (Linuxxpert).

“Extreme caching is a form of caching that will push a person’s physical and mental limits. To find a cache,you may have to go on a 10-hour hike or climb a 100-foot tower,”he writes on the new site’s FAQ.

Linuxxpert knows a lot about the topic. Among his 368 finds are 21 rated 5/5 and dozens more rated higher than 3.5 difficulty or terrain. He’s one of the cachers we profile in Chapter 6 of Joy of Geocaching,entitled “Caching to the Limits.”

For that chapter,we collected stories from people who push the game to its unrealistic limits,whether it’s the extreme cachers who dangle from bridges or the power cachers who deprive themselves of sleep in the name of finding containers in all 50 states in just 10 days. We assembled some great stories.  These people are  amazing –and a little nuts.

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