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Variety –And a Few Laughs –On Day 1 in Austin

On Friday,we’ll hit the wilds of north Austin for a frantic day of power-caching,seeking to log 100 finds. But today was a time to get reacquainted and sample some of Austin’s more remarkable geocaching treasures.

Our guides were The Outlaw and TreyB,joined later by MoosieGirl. We started with Smooches,a relatively easy find but with a clever container. It gave us a chance to snap this fun photo under the “Kiss N Ride”sign. We don’t have those in our home state of Massachusetts.

Fahrenheit 451 was a terrific idea –you had to find Ray Bradbury’s book on the shelf at at a local library in order to obtain the final coordinates for the multi –but the final stage was missing. Arrrgh!

Many Options

Many Options

The photo above is from the most amazing cache we’ve seen all year. We can’t tell you the name or coordinates,but upon arrival at the location,you’re confronted with more than 200 film canisters. How you proceed is up to your own ingenuity. It took us eight minutes to find the cache,but we had some help from our companions.

No Outlet featured an ingenious hide. The owner put a lot of careful work into this one. The hint is a huge help here.

Team Tracker (l.) with The Outlaw

Team Tracker (l.) with The Outlaw

Our most frustrating search of the day was Our First Hide,a devilish work of pure evil by Team Tracker. We were looking in the right place almost immediately,but we didn’t figure out the hook. Fortunately,Tracker lives nearby and he happened to be in the area during our travails. After 15 minutes of futility,we begged for help and he complied. He’s pictured here with our companion and his co-conspirator,The Outlaw.

Planning a geocaching trip with (l. to r.) The Outlaw,TreyB,D and Mrs. Captain Picard

Planning a geocaching trip with (l. to r.) The Outlaw,TreyB,D and Mrs. Captain Picard

After a day of Thanksgiving rest,we plunge into a power-caching adventure on Friday. Then we’re planning to head down to San Antonio on Sunday after connecting with Mrs. Captain Picard,who’s pushing 15,600 finds. We were pleased to meet Mrs. CP (who’s really named Julie) tonight to plan our itinerary. She showed us some tricks with Geocaching Swiss Army Knife and Microsoft Streets and Trips that should make the excursion quite efficient. A photo from our planning session is above.

4 comments to Variety –And a Few Laughs –On Day 1 in Austin

  • Going for 100 finds in one day,eh? Wow. Sounds wild and fun. Sounds like you had a good “warmup”day,and then the off day to get rolling. A few of us did a 50-cache run a few weeks ago through four states…but 100. Man!

    I’ll look forward to checking back on your blog to see that report!

  • DE_Cryptoman

    I saw the note about Microsoft Streets and Trips. I would be willing to bet that is in reference to the 2008 version. I bought the 2009 and immediately uninstalled it after I saw what they had done to it. I will take my chances for a while longer with the 2008 version. Now GSAK! THERE IS A PROGRAM! Rock solid. Absolutely love it and the folks out there that build macros for it are a true blessing to the game.

  • Julie Perrine

    Hey Dana and Paul!
    I noted that you have different find counts for me in two different chapters. Not sure whether you prefer to have a find count from the time period,or at publishing,or what. Just thought you’d want to be consistent in your methodology.

  • Thanks,Julie. We’ll fix the find count in the copy editing stage. We’ll also correct the name.

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