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15 Hours, 102 Finds and Two Very Tired Geocachers! – Part 3 | The Joy of Geocaching Book Contribute Your Stories!

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15 Hours,102 Finds and Two Very Tired Geocachers! –Part 3

Can you spot the cache? InGENious!
Can you spot the cache? InGENious!

We begin our mad dash as TreyB snags a film canister.

TreyB has logged the first four finds. The fifth cache is missing,apparently the victim of a crack in a wall. Outlaw replaces it. We log a find because we knew it was there.

TreyB logs his eighth find in a row. The boy is on a run!

Paul redeems himself with a blue bison tube

TreyB grabs the next two.

Paul and TreyB scramble up a gravely hill to grab a red bison tube.

“What size is this one?”Paul asks. “It’s a decon container,”says Trey,as he reaches for the find. The boy is too good.

Our two hunters trade finds before they’re stumped by a particularly evil hide. There are lots of interesting hiding places on the ground,which is what makes the placement high up in a tree so tricky. That’s the point,Outlaw explains.

Paul finds a nano on a fencepost,putting us at 81 for the day. The sun is getting low in the sky.

Someone’s moved the nano way down from its original location,10 feet off the ground. We can read the log to find out who it is,but it wouldn’t be polite to say. Outlaw isn’t pleased. Height is a key variable in cache placement,and the repositioning makes the find too easy. Paul leaps and manages to replace the container out of reach.

The Outlaw and TreyB have cached so much together that at times they seem to read each other’s minds. Outlaw says this cache is on the ground. Paul can’t see a thing,but Trey immediately dives into a pile of leaves and recovers the decon container. How the hell did he know?

TreyB spots a magnetic nano 10 feet up a pole. Paul leaps and whacks it 20 feet away with a stick of wood. Fortunately,TreyB watches the trajectory and recovers the tiny container. We figure out a way to return it to its original spot,using objects we find on the ground. Geocachers are resourceful that way.

The sun is sinking below the hilltops as we log number 86 for the day,a small decon.

We’ve been caching for more than 10 hours,but the group is at peak performance. Paul and TreyB reel off a string of seven finds in the last 14 minutes to complete the series in 2:15. We’ve averaged one find every five minutes during that time and stand at 93 caches as darkness settles in.

We head toward the PnD Meet &Greet! event cache that our hosts have graciously arranged. On the way,we strategize about our tactics for getting to 100 for the day. We’ll swing by four locations that The Outlaw knows on the way to the event. All are quick grabs. We’ll log the event as number 98 on the day. Afterwards,we’ll clean up a couple of quick finds on the way back to PnD’s car.

Caching after dark is always a challenge. We find a wonderful container carved out of a brick of limestone. Dana snags a traditional behind a large rock on the side of the highway. We cruise into Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q to meet with a few local cachers who have come for our meet &greet. We have 97 finds on the day. Rudy’s in our 98th.

Rudy’s is about as Texan a restaurant as you can get:melt-in-your-mouth brisket,ribs,chicken and sausage accompanied by some fine barbeque sides and served up with Texas hospitality. For two people,the bill was less than one of our entrees at a swank eatery the night before.

We meet some great cachers at Rudy’s,although Paul and Dana are so exhausted that they can hardly speak. Among our dinner companions are the Deafdillos,a local couple who has amassed more than 5,000 finds despite being totally deaf. We know we’ll want to learn more about these remarkable people!

We bid farewell to TreyB,our driver on today’s journey of more than 200 miles. He’s a great guy and someone we won’t want to lose touch with. The Outlaw and Moosiegirl set their coordinates for the car we left at the meeting point some 14 hours ago. We resolve to pick up four quick park n grabs on the way just to be sure we log the goal for the day. Now’s not the time for formalities. Outlaw all but places the caches in our hands as he guides us to a small container,two micros and a virtual.

We night-cache our way to a decon hidden near a car wash .

Easy virtual,as we take in the famous Austin-area Round Rock . We don’t even have to leave the car to get the answer to the question,which we must submit to the owner in order to get credit.

We think this is number 101,although we’ve lost exact count. We log it,just to be sure .

And one more,just for insurance . We’re quite sure we’re over 100 now. It turns out this was number 102.

Pnd arrive at their hotel more than 15 hours after they had left that morning. They’re wired,tired,satisfied and thinking ahead to the task of logging all those finds!

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