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Geocaching Comes to the iPhone

Pretty big news from Groundspeak this week:the company has submitted its first iPhone application to Apple for approval and inclusion on the iPhone Apps Store. Jeremy Irish thought this was important enough to announce himself to the adoring throngs,who responded enthusiastically. Irish chose a strange word to announce the event:he said he [...]

Practicing Geotourism

Graeme McGufficke a.k.a. OzGuff

I spent an hour on the phone yesterday with OzGuff,the prolific cache owner from Asheville,N.C. Oz,whose real name is Graeme McGufficke,has more than 1,200 hides to his credit,including an incredible 800 active hides. He’s hidden every kind of cache you can imagine,including a series [...]

The Zen of Geocaching

Have you ever thought about the bigger picture of geocaching,its innate connection between humans and the outdoors,the way it draws us to parks and wooded areas or how it fulfills the basic human urge to walk? Neither had I until I read Why Geocaching Now,a research paper written by photographer Margot Anne [...]

Jungle Caching in Puerto Rico

Rain forest in the city

The highlight of caching in Puerto Rico was finding a cache hidden in Residencial Nemesio Canales in San Juan. This is a park that formerly was abandoned land but was saved and allowed to develop its natural beauty. There’s very little landscaping. You don’t need much in a place where [...]